Ukrainian Donation Final Update

In April the Famee Furlane and its members made a donation to support humanitarian aid for Ukrainian refugees and we would like to provide an update.

The Ukrainian war refugees we sponsored in Poland have returned to their country.  This decision was made based on two things: 1) the area from which they came has been liberated and 2) they wanted to be united as a family again with their husbands/fathers.  Only one young man (19) has decided to stay in Poland, as he has been accepted to attend an engineering school. These people are ever so grateful to us for supporting them during those difficult moments in their lives.

The remaining funds were transferred through the Salvatorian Mission Outreach in Poland to the Salvatorian Parishes in the Western Ukraine.  They have been supporting local shelters for the refugees and need to purchase basic equipment such as mattresses, washing machines, stoves, etc.  They have also been helping to purchase and transport medical equipment greatly needed for their local hospitals.

Thank you very much for your generous support of the Ukrainian people.  Let us continue to pray for them to help overcome the challenging times still being experienced in their country!