At the Famee Furlane of Vancouver, volunteering has been and will continue to be an integral part of our society. We can always use your help. There are hall maintenance tasks and overall society undertakings such as banquets and events where we rely upon our membership to help out.

There are some great benefits to volunteering with the Famee Furlane:

·      Making new friends and expanding your current network

·      Getting involved within a community of members who have similar Friulan interests

·      Using your skills for the betterment of the society

·      Self-Fulfillment and giving back to the community

·      Build on your Friulan heritage & culture

·      Help us all, carry on the traditions of what was started by our predecessors, and many of our  family members over 60 years ago

 If you have trade skills, administrative skills, serving skills, bartending experience, or if you just want to help out setting up the hall for our events, let us know.  We can use whatever help you have to offer. 


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